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Welcome to my Hand Embroidery Success Strips (Templates) Kit which teaches the user, including Beginners, to successfully stitch the following Hand Embroidery Stitch Groups: Blanket, Back, Chain, Cross, Feather plus Fly & Running with Variations & multiple sizes.

Success Strips (click to view larger image)

Strip #1

Strip #2

Strip #3

Strip #4

Strip #5


Disappearing Ink Pen is included in kit.


Booklet Front Booklet Back

INSTRUCTION and ILLUSTRATION BOOKLET (click to view larger images)

The TUTORIAL is specifically designed and provided to teach young persons to enjoy stitching Hand Embroidery Art using the 5 Oversized paper templates along with the Kits Direction & Illustration Booklet.

About The Direction & Illustration Booklet:

The INSTRUCTION and ILLUSTRATION BOOKLET contains precise instruction and illustrations providing Step by Step means to Interpret, Guide and Direct a BEGINNER through the orderly process of learning to correctly construct each stitch without unnecessary experimentation. You choose the stitch pattern as well as its size.


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Creative Stitchery Success Strips
A patent has been registered with the U.S. Patent Office for the transfer
marking strips (US PATENT NO 6,413,091 B1).
This kit is made in the U.S.A.